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Eyelash Services

lash extensions
Classic Set 

With the "Classic" eyelash extension technique, a single faux lash is applied to each of your natural lashes. The different looks (“Natural” and “Glamour”) are created in several ways. Technicians can vary the number of lashes applied, the lash curl, the lash thickness, and finally, the lash shape by varying the lengths applied.

Volume Set

With the "Volume" eyelash extension technique, multiple lighter thinner lash extensions are fanned, staggered and stacked onto each natural lash which allows the technician to add significant volume. The "Volume" lashes offer clients a higher level of glamour options. Choose our "Glamour Volume" set for maximum fullness..

Premium Set

With the "Premium" eyelash extension technique, we use the same application technique as the "Classic." However, we apply a premium faux lash, which is "flat" at the base as compared to the classic lash. They are softer to the touch, and the flat shape at the base of the individual lash extension makes them adhere better and last longer

Hybrid Set

With the "Hybrid" eyelash extension technique, we use a perfect 50/50 blend of our "Premium" lashes and our "Volume" fans. This new "Hybrid" set combines the premium single lash application technique with the volume application technique. The result is a fuller, fluffier, and more textured look.